Credit Repair with a Purpose

Most companies repair credit "For What"? We repair credit for "Why"! The credit repair companies that focus on "What" will cause you more harm than good if you are trying to purchase a car or a home. Because most banks approval guidelines are different for each type of account you are applying for and most credit repair companies focus on just getting you a higher score, instead of the financial requirements that banks will need to get you approved. Since we repair credit for a specific goal, our focus goes beyond just a credit score.

So how does it work?

​The Accountant

Before we even start the credit repair process we assign an accountant to review where we need your financials to be to get you the car or the house you want.

The Bank

Banks like to see a history of the type of credit you are applying for, so if you don't have this type of history. Then that will be our main focus, to get you a smaller beginner loans in that area.

The Close

Once our process is done and completed, you'll have the right type of credit and the correct financial numbers/history to match the type of car or home you want to qualify for:

Cars Available

Homes Available

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Car credit

Setup Fee $599




  • Accountant Financial Review
  • Credit Assessment and Repair
  • Find a Bank
  •  Look for a Car
  • Monitor and Review for better rates
car and house credit

Setup Fee $999




  • Accountant Financial Review
  • Credit Assessment and Repair
  • Find a Bank and Mortgage Broker
  • Look for a Car
  • Pre-qualify for Mortgage
  • Start Looking for Homes

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100% Money Back Guarantee

Here at Cars and Home Credit Repair we believe we'll transform your credit and get you into a car or a home. We're so sure of this that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with our services, or you don't feel it is for you, simply email us to get the entire setup fee refunded.

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